Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

ServicePlus has negotiated preferential rates and discounts on a variety of lifestyle protection, financial and consumer products and services for our members. ServicePlus is provided at no additional cost.

We do not provide any personal information to our partners. However, we may, occasionally, send you offers on their behalf. Keep in mind that if you take advantage of an offer from a ServicePlus partner and become their customer, they may independently wish to send offers to you. In this case, you will need to inform them separately if you wish to decline receiving future offers from them.

When you login to the ServicePlus site, we ask you to provide us with a membership number to verify status of membership as ServicePlus is offered exclusively to members.

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"Great program. I have used it to augment my life insurance and was able to secure 500k worth of insurance for more than $100/y less than anywhere else. My wife and I also recently redecorated our kitchen. We called the Brick and were given the 'commercial prices' on a set of stools...they were almost half off what they were asking on the website. We saved $60 per stool for four do the math."

Pete, Ontario Region