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What is ServicePlus?

ServicePlus is a union-run discount program offered as a free added benefit to members of participating not-for-profit organisations. We partner with name brands like Apple, Rogers, Mark’s, The Brick, Reitman’s, WestJet, Lasik, Lenovo, TELUS and many others to help members save money on clothing, electronics, furniture, travel and more.

Does it cost to have access to ServicePlus?

There's no cost to access the ServicePlus program. It's an added benefit available to members of participating organisations.

How much can I save?

There is no limit to how much you can save. How much really depends on what you’re shopping for and how often, but with partners like The Brick, Lasik Eye Surgery, Lenovo and WestJet, the savings can add up very quickly.

How do you handle my personal information?

We take member privacy very seriously. We never sell, rent, or share your personal information. Period. 

Occasionally, we run contests where a sponsoring partner may ask that you provide information beyond what we normally ask for. You retain full control over whether you enter the contest and provide that information or not.  

Do my union dues or membership fees go into the ServicePlus program?

ServicePlus is self-funded and does not use union dues or membership fees to function.

How do I access the offers?

Just login to ServicePlus and visit the information page of the partner you’re interested in to view offer details and access your savings.  

If you haven't registered with ServicePlus yet, you can take care of that here.

Can I share my ServicePlus partner purchase experience with you?

Absolutely! We would love to hear about your experience with ServicePlus and our partners. Positive or otherwise, please let us know.

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Thanks... I had never even thought about getting insurance through ServicePlus, and my husband and I were just in the process of shopping our policies around. I called and got quotes.. we are going with them as it saving us about $800, or more than 15%!

J. Marsden, NCR