Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions people often have about our services and products. Questions that are not addressed here, please contact us.


What is ServicePlus?

ServicePlus is a free added benefit offered exclusively to members of affiliated organizations.

Through ServicePlus members save money on clothing, furniture, hotel rooms, plane tickets, insurance, Lasik eye surgery and more.

Does it cost to have access to ServicePlus?

There's no cost to access the ServicePlus program. It is included as a no cost value add benefit with your membership to your association.

How much can I save?

There is no limit. How much you can save really depends on what you’re shopping for and how often, but with partners like The Brick, Lasik Eye Surgery and WestJet, the savings can add up very quickly.

Do my union dues go into the ServicePlus program?

ServicePlus is a self funded program and does not use your union dues to function.

How do I access the offers?

Depending on which partner company you are interested in, visit their partner page within ServicePlus to view the details on obtaining the benefit. If you  haven't yet registered with ServicePlus, make certain to have your membership/login number handy. You will need it to register.

Can I share my ServicePlus partner purchase experience with you?

Absolutely yes! We would appreciate to have feedback on your experience and potentially use it as a Testimonial within our Web site. Positive or otherwise, please let us know.

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"... saved over $800 on an awesome mattress set at The Brick... I was surprised when he told me the discounted price..."

E. Henshaw, Atlantic Region